What is itching?

Itching is the uncomfortable feeling from the skin that causes you to scratch. Once scratched, you may feel temporary relief, however this can lead to complications with the skin the more it is consistently scratched.

What are the complications of itching?

Lichen Simplex Chronicus and Prurigo Nodules are two outcomes that may result from constant scratching. These conditions are thickened bump and patches we see on the skin similar to calluses.

Who is at risk for itching?

Itching increases as age increases. Women are at higher risk than men.

What causes itching?

Generalized itching with no rash can be classified into the following categories: autoimmune, hypersensitivity reaction, renal, cholestatic, hematologic, endocrine, itching related to malignancy, mites/bed bugs, and generalized itching with no identifiable cause. In addition, many medications can cause itching. Dermatologic conditions are first excluded before one of the above systemic causes is considered.

How is the cause of itching diagnosed it?

A detailed office visit including a biopsy, bloodwork, and a detailed history will delineate the cause of the itching.

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