Dysplastic Nevus

What is a Dysplastic Nevus?

A dysplastic nevus is a mole with atypical or unusual features.

How is a mole diagnosed as Dysplastic?

The diagnosis of a dysplastic nevus is made microscopically.


Dysplastic nevi are most common in fair-skinned individuals with significant sun exposure. People with 5 or more clinically atypical nevi have a higher risk than the general population of developing melanoma.

What is FAMM Syndrome?

FAMM stands for Familial Atypical Mole and Melanoma. People with FAMM syndrome have a high risk of developing melanoma. The criteria for FAMM SYNDROME is:

  1. One or more first-degree or second-degree relative diagnosed with melanoma under the age of 40
  2. Having many moles – usually more than 40
  3. Moles that are dysplastic

What can I do to prevent Melanoma if I have Dysplastic Nevi?

  1. Visit Skin Solutions Dermatology for annual skin exams
  2. Perform self-skin exams at home looking for new skin lesions or changes to existing moles
  3. Consider taking photographs of your most atypical looking moles and follow photographs over time to look for changes
  4. Careful sun protection using zinc oxide and/or clothing.
  5. Avoid excessive sun exposure and sunburn
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