Nail Surgery

Lesions involving the nail don’t always have to be removed. However, if there is a high index of suspicion that it may be cancerous, our dermatology specialists will remove the lesion. The nail originates from the nail matrix and damage to the nail matrix can result in permanent disfigurement of the nail. Our dermatology specialists are trained in nail surgery, but there is always a high risk of permanent nail damage when performing nail surgery.

Prior to performing nail surgery, we numb the finger using a digital block so you do not feel us removing the lesion and/or nail. Once fully numb, we either scoop out the lesion or if needed, we remove the entire nail followed by removal of the lesion. The lesion is sent to the pathologist to be looked at under the microscope.

Recovery from nail surgery is usually quick. Within 24-48 hours you typically do not need anything for pain control and you can resume your daily activities. The digit should be kept bandaged for a week. If the nail was not removed, the area usually heals fully within 2 weeks. If the nail was removed it will take approximately 3 months for the nail to fully regrow.

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