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All the benefits of a laser treatment, without the actual laser!

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is one of the least invasive forms of skin rejuvenation, providing gentle resurfacing of the skin using your body’s own natural healing response. 

What does microneedling treat?

Microneedling can be used on any skin type and help target a wide range of skin concerns, such as:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Boosts collagen

How long until I see results from microneedling?

You will be red for about 48 hours immediately after your Microneedling treatment, but this is simply the skin reacting to the punctures and working to heal them. The real results from microneedling build over time, as new collagen and elastin are produced and sent to the treatment areas. Your skin continues to improve for up to six months and the effects are long lasting!

How many treatments will i need?

We recommend at least three microneedling treatments to improve skin texture. For acne scarring, 3-6 treatments could be necessary to gain enough new collagen to reduce the scarring. At Skin Solutions Dermatology, our professionally trained providers will consult with you on the correct number of treatments for you and your skin!

Microneedling + PRP

Microneedling with PRP (also known as a Vampire Facial) is a procedure that uses Microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP. We obtain PRP by drawing a small amount of blood from your arm into a sterile tube. This sample is centrifuged to separate your plasma, which we use for the treatment, from your red and white blood cells.

Plasma contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells and growth factors. Platelets help your tissue heal and grow new cells. When PRP is used with microneedling, it penetrates your skin through the tiny channels the microneedles create and supercharges the benefits!

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