Mohs Clinical Assistant

At Skin Solutions, we offer Mohs surgery and are looking to grow our Mohs teams. Micrographic surgery is a very specialized way of removing skin cancer. It provides the highest possible cure rate while removing as little normal skin as possible.

Mohs Clinical Assistant

Do you have the skills and experience required and are you looking to grow within your career of medical assisting? If so, we would love to hear from you!

As a Mohs Clinical Assistant, you will play an integral role in providing patient care and ensuring the accuracy of diagnoses. One of your main responsibilities will be overseeing and directly participating in the preparation of frozen section microscope slides. This requires meticulous attention to detail and an understanding of proper handling techniques.

Confidentiality is crucial in this role, as you will have access to sensitive patient information. This includes maintaining patient and office confidentiality, as well as ensuring secure handling of medical records.

In addition to assisting providers with patient care, you will also be responsible for documenting all aspects of the patient’s visit in their chart. This requires accuracy and attention to detail to ensure proper record-keeping.

Your role as a Mohs Clinical Assistant may also involve performing various procedures, such as biopsies and surgery, under the guidance of providers. This requires a high level of skill and knowledge, as well as the ability to educate patients on their treatment plans, medications, and skincare regimens. Other duties may be assigned periodically, which could include tasks such as suture removal, anesthetizing surgical sites, or changing dressings.

Lastly, this position may require travel between different clinics. This allows for a diverse range of experiences and the opportunity to work with various providers and patients.

Overall, being a Mohs Clinical Assistant is an exciting and rewarding role that requires both technical expertise and interpersonal skills. If you are passionate about providing exceptional patient care and have a strong attention to detail, this could be the perfect job for you. So why wait? Apply now and join our team!

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