Non Skin Cancer Excision

Unwanted items on the skin appear on almost all of us. As we age and accumulate sun damage, the skin goes through a series of changes. One of them, is the appearance of spots or cyst on the skin. While not cancer, they can cause pain or social discomfort.

What are types of non-skin cancer excision?

Many lesions can appear over time that patient desire to have removed. They include:

  • Cyst
  • Moles
  • Cherry angioma
  • Birth marks
  • Lipomas

What are signs that I may choose to have something removed?

There are various symptoms that lesions on the skin can cause. This includes pain, itching, continual growth, or the desire for cosmetic improvement.

Does insurance cover treatment of non-skin cancer excisions?

Sometimes your insurance may cover this treatment. When there are symptoms present or concern as to why a lesion continues to grow, your insurance may cover the treatment. If the desire is simply to improve the appearance of the skin, your insurance may not cover the procedure.

How are non-skin cancer excision performed?

We are committed to caring for you. At Skin Solutions Dermatology, you are your family are not a number in some giant institution. While large enough to have 8 convenient locations across middle Tennessee with many providers, we are also small enough that we get to know you, your family, & allow you to park for free at the front door. Call us or make an appointment online to schedule a visit today.

Why should I have my non-skin cancer excision treated at Skin Solutions Dermatology?

This process can be done quickly and painlessly in one of our 8 offices. The lesion to be removed is marked and local anesthesia is applied. Once we have ensured there will be no pain, the spot is excised. A few stitches are applied and left in place for about a week. The area heals over the following month and a small fine line remains.

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