Our Cosmetic Process

Are you curious about Our Consultation Process?

Our consultation process begins with a thorough discussion regarding aging as it specifically relates to your face and genetics. Our provider will help you explore your cosmetic goals and the treatments we offer to meet these goals. We will discuss skin care products, laser, peels, botox, and fillers and how they will each work for you!

At the end of our consultation we will email you a customized cosmetic plan with recommendations on how to maintain results throughout the year.

Finally, we will schedule a two week followup call to evaluate your new skin care regimen and discuss any lingering questions you may have.

Why we recommend doing a cosmetic consult:

We create a “shopping list” of treatment options tailored specifically to each patient and recommend an order of procedures. You will feel empowered and educated in making your cosmetic decisions through understanding of expectations and results for each procedure.

If you are an existing cosmetic patient, now is also a great time to review your cosmetic plan for the year and reevaluate your skin care regimen!  

Fun fact:

During injections, Hannah South, PA-C uses calipers to map out each patient’s face and establish their ideal proportions. These calipers are designed using the golden ratio, which has been recognized for centuries from the pyramids in Giza, to the Parthenon, to Michelangelo’s and DaVinci’s paintings. This ensures that we are making recommendations based on harmonious proportions which are thought to be based on an objective idea of beauty.

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