September Scoop at Skin Solutions Dermatology

Provider Spotlight: JoEllyn Dyson, PA-C

Learn more about JoEllyn in our Q&A below!

What attracted you to work in the field of dermatology? 

"I spent several years in plastic surgery, and I was anxious to get back into surgery and care of the sick."

 How long have you been practicing?

"I have been here at Skin Solutions for 13.5 years.  I have been a PA-C for 23 years.  Prior to that I was a R.N. for 16 years. Yes I am old!"
(*Ahem* No you're not, JoEllyn!)

Where Are You Originally From?

"I was born in Nashville, however, when I was 5 months old my parents moved to Nigeria.  My brother was born a year later and we were both raised there.  Our parents wrote text books to teach adults to read.  Their book is now in 260+ languages."

 How Do You Like To Spend Your Spare Time? 

"Exercise, hanging out with family, and working with our special needs kids at church."

What is your number one recommendation for people wanting to maintain healthy skin?

"Sunscreen with Zinc and Retinol."

Do you have a favorite product?  If yes, why? 

"Elta Sunscreens – there are several options available for daily use as well as sports use.  If you use Elta, you can still get color but not the harmful rays."

What is your favorite thing about working at Skin Solutions Dermatology?

"I love my patients, and I love working with our staff!  Every day is totally different!"

In closing, describe yourself in three words! 

"Dedication. Love my Patients.  -  I think that is four words!" 

JoEllyn and her great nieces and nephews!

The Wedding of Hannah and Bubba South!

From Left to Right: Betsy Preston, Dr. Pena, Kelsey Mauro, Kelly Caudle, 

Hannah South, JoEllyn Dyson, Candice Felts, Darryl Smith, Vanna Padilla, 

Cassie Tramel, Carrie Byrd, and Ariel White.

Last month the Skin Solutions Dermatology team celebrated the wedding of our provider Hannah and her husband Bubba South!

In their spare time, Hannah and Bubba enjoy cooking, traveling, and loving on their one-year-old Bernedoodle, Poppi.  For their honeymoon they traveled to Italy and Greece - where lots of fresh pasta was appreciated!  Hannah and Bubba have known each other for six years, dated for 3 years, and Bubba is the reason we are blessed to have Hannah in Nashville, Tennessee.
We are so excited for both of them and their future together!

Kelly Caudle, PA-C, Helps Educate Our Community On Skin Cancer Prevention! 

This summer provider Kelly Caudle, PA-C, was invited to speak at multiple offices in the Greater Nashville area.  Kelly educated adults on the different kinds of skin cancers, warning signs, and of course what preventative measures should be taken.  A number of these corporations had employees who spent a lot of time outdoors - so the value of a 6%+ zinc sunscreen was definitely discussed a time or two! 

Welcome Dr. Belaidi!

Dr. Belaidi joined the Skin Solutions Dermatology team in August of 2019.  Belaidi, originally from New York, moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University.  After medical school, Belaidi completed an internship in internal medicine, and a 3-year residency in dermatology!  Dr. Belaidi found that dermatology combines her two favorite aspects of medicine – complex medical care and surgery.

See Dr. Belaidi at our Nashville and Hendersonville locations!

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