June 2019 Specials

June specials are here! 

Wish you could feel a little less sweaty this summer...  Or wonder if you could zap away blemishes super fast?  Well our June specials can help with BOTH of these - and more!

15% off Botox Treatments for Hyperhidrosis

If your read that and thought "hyper-what?" - let us explain...

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that causes excessive sweating, causing your body to produce more sweat than needed to regulate your body temperature, and it can be very difficult to live with. 

Understandably, it can seriously impact your productivity, confidence, comfort in social situations, and even what you choose to wear for the day!

The Skin Solutions Dermatology team wants to offer you a solution for the two places where excessive sweating occurs most (the palm of your hands and your armpits), and that solution is...  Botox!

That's right - Botox works to temporarily block the nerve signals that stimulate your sweat glands, and basically, stop sweat production. 

If you have been dealing with excessively sweaty palms or armpits, save this month with 15% off Botox treatments for Hyperhidrosis!

Our Hyperhidrosis special for June is available at seven of our locations: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Columbia, Pulaski, Hendersonville, and Mt. Juliet!

Buy 2 Treatments of Dermapen, Get 1 IPL Treatment FREE!

Well, this is a power-packed combo!  Here's the low-down on what makes both of these treatments skin saviors in our eyes:


If you have sought out treatment for acne scars, aging skin, enlarged pores, scars, stretch marks, or skin blemishes, you may have heard of the technique known as microneedling! 

We use Dermapen3TM to perform microneedling with our patients, and it is an incredibly popular treatment.  With three treatments, you'll start to see tighter skin and a clearer complexion, with virtually no downtime to recover!

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

This treatment helps you to rejuvenate photo-damaged skin, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the size of your pores!

Zap away those dark spots caused by the sun, with this special treatment that will get the job done. 

Don't miss out on this power-packed combo that will produce visibly brighter, healthy results!

*Specials above valid for June 2019 only.

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