July Scoop At Skin Solutions Dermatology

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Davis

Learn more about our lovely Dr. Davis in our Q&A below!

Dr. Davis (center) with her husband and two daughters.

What attracted you to work in the field of dermatology? 

"I am able to see and treat a wide range of diseases which I find very interesting.  I also enjoy the surgical aspect of the profession."

Where Are You Originally From?

"Hazleton, Pennsylvania.  Middle and eastern Tennessee reminds me of Pennsylvania."

 How Do You Like To Spend Your Spare Time? 

"I love MUSIC.  My husband and I see as many shows as we can.  It’s one of the reasons we moved to Nashville.  And I play guitar (poorly)!"

What is your number one recommendation for people wanting to maintain healthy skin?

"Stay out of the sun!  Avoid tanning beds.  Use 6%+ zinc based sunblock every day and reapply often. Don’t forget about wearing sunglasses and protecting your lips with lip sunblock."

Do you have a favorite product?  If yes, why? 

"If I had to pick just one I would say Elta MD Tinted Facial Sunblock.  It’s lightweight and tinted so I can go out without makeup on most days."

What is your favorite thing about working at Skin Solutions Dermatology?

"The people I work with are wonderful.  Very hard working, smart, and funny people who make my job easy." 

Meet Michelle Garza, Lead Histotech!

This month we’d like to congratulate and thank Michelle Garza, our Lead Histotech, who has been part of the Skin Solutions Dermatology family for five years.  Sometimes the lab can be a hectic place to work but Michelle thrives working under pressure.  In addition to being the Lead Histotech, she also assists in surgeries, and she thoroughly enjoys both aspects of her role.  Michelle loves working with all of our patients and knowing that her chosen career helps others live a healthier and more fulfilled life.
When Michelle is not working she loves spending time with her family and friends.  She and her husband love taking cruises together to see different parts of the world.  Michelle also stays busy keeping up with her four grandchildren, and spends a lot of time with her dad, taking time for regular daddy/daughter days.  

Thank you for all you do, Michelle, we are so happy to have you on our team! 

Skin Solutions Phone Olympics!

We have very busy phone lines with eight locations – but we also have a stellar team to ensure our patients reach an actual human on the other end of the phone.  In reviewing all of the calls we received last month, it seems we had an Olympian effort by our team in June.  We want to share and celebrate all their hard work with this month's Scoop!  We totaled up the number of phone calls received during our busiest times (11am-12pm and 4pm-5pm), and we have two team members who answered the most calls in this period, ensuring our patients' calls are answered promptly.  Special thanks to Katee Barrett and Jessica Glasscock for their efforts.  Congratulations to Katee for answering a total of 144 calls, and to Jessica for answering a total of 217 calls during these hours. 

Katee Barrett

Jessica Glasscock

Even more congratulations are in order for Becca Dunkle, call center representative, for answering a grand total of 1357 phone calls for the month of June.  Extremely impressive work, Becca!
A big thank you to these team members, and all of our staff, who work tirelessly to ensure our practice runs smoothly and efficiently all day, every day. 

Becca Dunkle

Dr. Belaidi's arrival is just around the corner!

Watch her video, learn more about her, and book your appointment today.  

Belaidi will be seeing patients in our Nashville and Hendersonville offices starting at the end of August. 

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