July 2019 Specials

July Specials at Skin Solutions Dermatology!

15% off 1 Syringe of Restylane

Have you noticed darkening circles under your eyes as time goes by?  

This is a natural process that occurs as we lose volume in the under-eye area, due to age, sun damage, and the thinning of our skin in that area.  

The most common factor is hereditary (thanks mom)!  

However, the good news is there are safe and effective dermal fillers to help revolumize the under-eye area, also know as “tear troughs”, and give you back more of the youthful look you had before!  

This month Skin Solutions Dermatology is offering 15% off one syringe of Restylane – so now is the perfect time to give this dermal filler a go and kick your dark circles to the curb!  Available at our BrentwoodHendersonvilleMt. JulietFranklinColumbia, and Pulaski locations.

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PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair loss can happen for all sorts of different reasons, hereditary, health, and even stress!  

So we’re trying to help you take the stress OUT of this condition with our special on PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) Hair Restoration treatments.  

For the month of July only, PRP Hair Restoration treatments are just $400 per session - and you may purchase up to four treatments at this special rate!  Available at our BrentwoodHendersonvilleMt. JulietFranklinColumbia, and Pulaski locations.

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Above monthly specials valid for the month of July 2019 only. 

Don't see what you're looking for?  Skin Solutions Dermatology offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments.  

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