February Scoop at Skin Solutions Dermatology

Provider Spotlight: Kelsey Mauro, PA-C

Learn more about Kelsey in our Q&A below!

What attracted you to work in the field of Dermatology?


Dermatology is a field that brings a wide variety of challenges and is constantly evolving. For me, having the ability to help people clinically to cosmetically and everything in between is why I am passionate about this specialty. 


How long have you been practicing?


I have been with Skin Solutions Dermatology for 4 years.


Where are you originally from?


I’m originally from a small town in Upstate NY called Canandaigua. No...this is not NYC! 


How do you like to spend your spare time?


I love to spend my spare time with my husband and our daughter, Mya. We absolutely love traveling and we are constantly booking our next trip! At the same time we also love spending time at home and are so blessed to live in a fantastic neighborhood of people who have become some of our best friends here in Tennessee.  

What is your number one recommendation for people wanting to maintain healthy skin?


Staying consistent with your skin care routine that always includes a daily zinc based facial sunscreen.

Do you have a favorite product?  If yes, why? 


I love the Skinceuticals HA Intensifier. It contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that helps skin hydration, improves skin firmness, smoothness and plumpness. I recommend using daily as part of your skin care regimen and this is especially great to use after getting dermal filler! 

What is your favorite thing about working at Skin Solutions Dermatology?


I have the pleasure to not only work with some great people who are fully dedicated to the field of Dermatology, but I love meeting new people from all over the Franklin and Brentwood communities.

Kelsey, her husband, Bob, and their daughter, Mya. 

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Get to know Dr. Belaidi, our hair loss expert!

Dr. Marisa Belaidi is a board-certified dermatologist and our very own hair loss expert! Dr. Belaidi understands the challenges of hair loss and strives to familiarize her patients with their options. She is passionate about exploring non-surgical treatments such as PRP. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a minimally invasive procedure where the patient's own blood is used to help stimulate hair growth. PRP contains key growth factors that can aid in healing and stimulate hair follicles to regrow hair without the need for invasive surgeries. 

Dr. Belaidi has co-authored two book chapters on the subjects of hair loss and minimally invasive treatments. 

  • Rogers, NR, Belaidi M. "Microneedling for Alopecia" in Dermatology and Therapy (Evans, M (Ed.) (in press).
  • Rogers, NR, Belaidi M. Male Pattern Hair Loss and Restoration. In Men's Aesthetics: A Practical Guide to Minimally Invasive Treatment (Brauer, JA (Ed.) (in press).

Need an appointment quickly?  Come see her in Hendersonville on Tuesdays!

Appointments are also available with Dr. Belaidi at our Nashville location.

See our entire interview with Dr. Belaidi in the Skin Solutions blog!

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