February 2019 Specials

This is the month to take your confidence to the next level.

February is the month of love – and we believe that your skin always deserves some TLC. Our special offers this month are aimed to help break through those cosmetic concerns of dull skin and full chins! This February, let’s LOVE the skin we’re in!

Save on Kybella packages

Heard about Kybella, but not sure if it's what you need?

Kybella is perfect for you if:

  • You feel unhappy or self-conscious about fat under your chin
  • You don't want to have any surgery
  • You eat well and exercise, but the double chin doesn't seem to budge!

Kybella injections help melt away unwanted fat and eliminate double chins – permanently!

The result: a slim, contoured jawline.

This February, you can save on Kybella with two special offers:

- Save 15% off 1 vial of Kybella OR

- Save 20% off package of 2 vials of Kybella

Glow more with discounted chemical peels!

If there's any secret that we love to share... It's that getting a chemical peel helps you take one step closer to picture-perfect skin!

We know the idea of a chemical peel can seem intimidating, but here's why it shouldn't: it's virtually painless and has almost zero downtime!

Think of it as a really amazing exfoliation treatment. Chemical peels are one of our favourite treatments to not only maintain the health of our skin, but also improve the texture, tone and clarity of it as well.

It also gets bonus points for reducing age spots, freckles and stimulating collagen!

If visibly firmer skin, softer lines and less wrinkles sounds good to you – save and buy a package of chemical peels this month!

This February, you can save on peels with this offer:

- 20% off a package of 3 chemical peels

P.S. This is a GREAT deal – we always recommend multiple peels, so saving on a bundle now will cost far less in the future.

Book your February special today!

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