Josie Routon, PA-C

Physician Assistant

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Josephine “Josie” Routon, earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. She went on to obtain her first Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Florida’s Morsani College of Medicine in Tampa. After that, she moved to Tennessee and completed her Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies and graduate from Bethel University in Paris, TN. 

Josie has expertise in medical and cosmetic surgery and specializes in the identification and treatment of skin cancers, atypical nevi, psoriasis, pigmentation disorders and other diseases of the skin. She has trained extensively under Dr. Julie Pena, Founder and CEO of Skin Solutions Dermatology. 

Josie loves to help patients resolve their skin issues, restoring their confidence and empowering them to live healthy lives. Josie is married and has two dogs and a cat. She loves to garden, cook, kayak and hike.

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