PRP For Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Patient Information

The PRP Scalp Injection Procedure is a noninvasive and all natural procedure used to promote hair restoration. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP has been used safely in other medical fields, such as Orthopedics, for many years with promising outcomes. Although, not studied by the FDA for hair loss, many injectors across the nation have seen fantastic results regarding the regeneration of thinned hair follicles.

Hair loss occurs as hair follicles shrink over time. Adult skin is unable to generate new hair follicles; therefore PRP focuses on increasing the density of the hair shaft in follicles that are present on the scalp. PRP can be viewed as “fertilizer” for your hair follicles. Platelets release growth factors and various signals to stimulate stem cells, which then encourage growth of your hair.

The PRP Scalp Injection Procedure will take approximately twenty minutes. During this time a nurse will draw blood from the patient’s arm, which then will be spun in a centrifuge to separate the Platelet Rich Plasma. While you wait for the PRP to spin, cold ice packs and/or lidocaine will be used for anesthesia. The Platelet Rich Plasma will be drawn into sterile syringes which will be used to inject approximately 16 locations on the scalp to regenerate growth. Photos will be taken along your journey to track your progress. We recommend one treatment every month for four to six months, then maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

Pre/Post Injection Tips

  1. Please refrain from any aspirin containing medication 48 hours prior to injections, unless you are on this medication per doctor’s orders.
  2. After the procedure, take a warm shower and wash your hair.
  3. Please refrain from any hair dye or hair products other than shampoo and conditioner for 48 hours post treatment.
  4. Please refrain from gym, hospital, or any environment that may cause infection 24 hours post treatment.
  5. You may experience a headache 24-48 hours post-injection. This headache is a common side effect from the procedure and you may take Tylenol for pain.
  6. Please remember you will only begin to see results after the second to third treatment and will continue to see results 6 months from the start of your first treatment.
  7. Please call our office with any questions or concerns.
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