Patch Testing Treatment

What is a patch test?

It is a test in which chemicals, known to cause allergic reactions, are placed in very small amounts onto patches. The patches are then placed on your skin using special hypoallergenic adhesive tape and left there for 48 hours. Patch tests do not use needles.

How is this different than allergy testing?

Patch tests are used to determine if your skin reaction is caused by an allergen that comes into direct contact with your skin.

Allergy skin tests are better known as prick tests. These are used to determine if you are having an allergic reaction to something you inhale or ingest. Prick test have limited value when trying to diagnose a skin rash as an allergic reaction.

How many allergens does Skin Solutions Dermatology test on my skin?

We test to 80 allergens which are the most common allergens amongst the general population. These include but are not limited to medications, fragrances, preservatives, hair dyes, metals and resins.

How long do the patches stay on my skin?

You return to our office 48 hours after placement to have the patches removed from your arm or back. You should avoid bathing and activities that cause heavy sweating.

Can you patch test me to my personal products?


What happens if I test positive for an allergen?

Your dermatology provider will give you access to a “personalized safelist” of products that are free of your known allergens or ingredients.

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