Healow App Install Instructions

Steps to install HEALOW app!

  1. Download HEALOW app from app store or google play store
  2. Open the app, Enter Code DADDAA or Search: Provider: Location:
  3. Fill in your USERNAME and PASSWORD
  4. Verify your account by typing in your DATE OF BIRTH
  5. Create a NEW PASSWORD
  7. LOG OUT
  8. LOG IN again to the app with your NEW PASSWORD
  9. CREATE a 4 digit PIN number
  10. Confirm the 4 digit PIN number

(After this, from now on to open the HEALOW app, you will only need to REMEMBER your 4 digit PIN number)

  1. Select “My Records”
  2. Select “Messages”
  3. Tap on the “Pencil Icon” on the top right
  4. Select “General Messages”
  5. Subject: type in “TEST”
  6. Tap on “Send” on the top right

            You will receive a message back from our office shortly (if you sent the message during normal business hours)

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