Listen up, Nashville patients – if you answer yes to both of the questions below, this blog is for YOU.

Do you….

Take Accutane?

Consume supplements like protein shakes, creatine and green tea supplements?


There’s some new research that tells us there’s some cause for concern. I know – you’re probably thinking: what do Accutane and supplements have in common?

Unfortunately, the studies show us that the combination of the two could put you at risk for liver toxicity. As you probably already know as an Accutane user, the medication does recommend avoiding some herbals and supplements due to potential side effects, however, hardly any research had been done to see if this was the case.

In this study, researchers examined 8 patients who were taking Accutane (or about to), ingesting supplements and dealing with liver toxicity. In 6 of the 8 cases, the supplements seemed to be a key cause for the liver toxicity – and after they stopped taking the supplements, 87.5% of the patients saw the enzymes in their liver stabilize.

13 million people around the world take Accutane, and at our Nashville practice, it’s the only medication we can prescribe for acne that could cure it permanently. Even though this study is small, it can definitely hold relevance as larger studies take on this topic, too. While we used to check lab work monthly, recent studies are showing us that it may be better to do them prior to starting patients on Accutane, just to see if any abnormalities appear. Going forward, it will be useful for us to make the connection if we spot abnormal liver enzymes in their lab work, and ensure we check in with Nashville patients about the supplements they are currently taking before starting Accutane.

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Source: Pediatrics


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