Poison Ivy Treatment

What is Poison Ivy?

Poison Ivy, also known as plant dermatitis, is a plant that causes intense itching and redness when contacted. If the plant’s oily resin from the leaves and stems is not washed off the skin it can easily be transferred to other body locations that never came into contact with the plant. The rash that occurs with poison ivy can show up as late as 48 hours after contact.

What Does Poison Ivy Rash Look Like?

Usually the arms and legs, because they are the most exposed area of skin that can come into contact with the plan, are the most affected. Red bumps or blisters are usually formed in a line pattern. Diagnosis in usually made clinically due to the nature of the rash.

Prevention of Poison Ivy?

Recognition and avoidance of the offending plant is a good way to prevent plant dermatitis.

Treatment of Poison Ivy?

It is important to wash any potentially exposed area of skin with soap and water to remove any oily resin. Make sure to wash all clothing that you were wearing when coming into contact as well. If you are exposed to poison ivy while outdoors with your pet, be sure to thoroughly wash your pet to reduce the spread of resin from their fur

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