Nail Fungus Treatment

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is an infection of the nail caused by fungus, yeast, or mold. People with a history of previous fungal infections or expose to individuals with onychomycosis are more at risk. Toe nails are more common than finger nails.

What Does Nail Fungus Look Like?

There are different patterns of nail fungus. Nail fungus usually has a thickening yellow discoloration with debris under the nail. The debris under the nail usually causes the nail to lift up. The nail can sometimes be soft and feel like powder. Individuals may also have redness or flacking of the skin between the toes or soles of the feet.

How is Nail Fungus Diagnosed?

Usually, a nail clipping of the affected nail is sent to the lab for confirmation of the diagnosis. If you are worried you have a fungal infection in your nail, do no trim the nail before your appointment.

What is the Treatment for Nail Fungus?

There is various treatment for nail fungus, however it can be a long process and improvement will not be seen right away. Topical medications are usually less effective compared to oral therapy, but is easy to apply with less harmful side effects.

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