Cysts Treatment

What are cysts?

A cyst is a bump or sac under the skin that is filled with liquid, solid or gas. Cysts can form anywhere in the body and vary greatly in size.

Typically, cysts form beneath the surface of the skin in the shape of a round lump or bump. Most are painless, slow growing and not harmful. Although, cysts can sometimes become sore, inflamed or infected.

What causes cysts?

A cyst is a closed capsule or sac like structure filled with matter. It has a distinct membrane and is separated from the rest of the tissue. It is not a normal part of the tissue where it is located. Cysts have many causes. They can be the result of an infection, blocked duct that causes fluid to build up, an injury that breaks a vessel, inflammatory conditions, genetics or even parasites.

What are the symptoms?

Cysts are very common and there are many different types. The signs and symptoms vary widely depending on the type of cyst. They are typically not painful unless they rupture or become infected or inflamed. Most cysts are not harmful or cancerous.

How are cysts diagnosed?

If a person is worried or bothered about a cyst or a new lump, they should see their healthcare provider for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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