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As a member of our Call Center Team, your job is to be that welcoming, helpful voice to our patients. We want to offer them the consideration and compassion they deserve when they reach out to Skin Solutions Dermatology.

You’ll be making appointments and accommodating the scheduling needs of our patients and providers. Our Concierges are trained as specialists in various areas such as cosmetics (for Botox, Laser treatments, peels and fillers), surgeries and medical appointments.

You will be the frontline for customer service and our Patient Happiness efforts. Our concierges are calm and take time to listen to patients. They can be counted on to get all concerns to the right person for resolution and satisfaction.

The Skin Solutions Dermatology Call Center is supported by a team of nurses, bilingual concierges and also, referral specialist who work exclusively with referring physician’s network.

We offer work from home options following a training period and proof of competency.

Our Call Center Team is highly valued and a key part of Skin Solutions Dermatology!

                         *For all other inquiries, please contact info@skinsolutionsderm.com*

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